Monday, March 15, 2010

Dionysos' world: The first review...

A lot of bloggers claim to be writing not for others but for themselves. Yeah right. You're just so generous you decided to share your writings with the whole world even though you do not care, right!? Hypocrites! Writing is an ego-boosting activity especially when one receives positive feedback - and that is unrelated to the type of writing one is engaged with. Anyway, the organic food loving friend was kind enough to give me her opinion about this blog. This kind of feedback is important to me as I'm still experimenting with different things and honestly do not know a thing about writing. If anyone has some tips that could help in some way please do share.

To summarize, apparently all my posts are of "similar style" and lack "climaxes and conclusions". They are like "a bunch of complaints" and do not "offer any alternatives". Her recommendation for me is to "diversify my writing portfolio" and "stop swearing at religion". The positive note was that "the ideas are great".

Style-wise, I'm working on it. I'm used to political bickering over the net and business communication which is why my style is a bit dry and offensive. Also, I have language deficiencies and a vocabulary gap that I need to bridge especially when it comes to descriptive bits; I cannot describe a scene visually enough even if my life depended on it. Also, is there a list of "style" standards? I know that poetry has its rules; does the same apply to prose?

Climaxes and conclusions: Well, I only know of climaxes in the context of sexual intercourse. Not too sure what it means in the context of writing. Would appreciate some guidance here. I disagree about the conclusion bit; most posts have conclusions - well, I do consider "thou shalt stuff your codes up your arses" a clearly laid out conclusion that may very well generate a climax - of the sexual variation - if followed literally!

Complaints/alternatives: This is true. I am uninterested in figuring out alternatives let alone preaching them; I hate preachers, remember? Other people can do that. Criticism for the sake of criticism is what I do. I'm like Schtroumph grognon if you wish; only more talkative, more eloquent, more intelligent, and much more handsome.

Swearing at religion: I do not swear at religion. I criticize it like everything else. I do not give it any special privileges just because people take it personal or are easily offended. This is unlikely going to subside especially since religion is like an octopus spreading its tentacles and affecting every facet of our lives.

Diversify writing portfolio: Not sure how. I propose you give me an assignment so that I can get the idea.


  1. I like your style of writing, I think your posts are witty and funny, even if I don't always agree with the ideas, and do sometimes think the tone of certain paragraph can be aggressive. To me there are no writing rules, except the basic grammar/spelling ones. The rest is all up to the writer.

  2. Given enough time and exposure you'll see yourself agreeing more and more ;)

    Thank you for the tip Paola.

  3. your posts remind me of myself (not sure whether this is a compliment or an insult). keep it up mate, i like this place.

    delcaring an open-ended war on religion is the moral obligation of every human being, period. do it carefully though -- have you ever read karen armstrong (a short history of myth, etc)?