Thursday, September 09, 2010

Google Voice...

I just love all Google products. I love their minimalistic interfaces, their simplicity, and their functionality. I'm a consistent user of Google Search, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Reader, Google Talk, Google Transliterate, Google Checkout, and Google News. I'm also a big Android fan and bought a Nexus One 3 days after launch. And that is how I discovered Google Voice. Google Voice is a native application on Android - it's a web tool as well (ever since it was banned from the iPhone Store) - that is very similar to Skype. You can make unlimited free calls in the US and Canada and extremely cheap international calls to practically anywhere in the world directly from your cell phone (or your computer). The rate to Lebanon was just reduced today from 19 cents a minute to 10 cents a minute. That is even cheaper than making a national call in Lebanon. One can also direct all incoming calls to a Google Voice number and setup a Voicemail account where voicemails are sent to you by sms or email after being transcribed by Google's speech recognition algorithms. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to McAfee call centers located in the heart of the Indian Subcontinent the transcribed results turn out to be hilarious. Below is the transcribed voicemail I received today from a McAfee technician. 

Hi, xxx, this is calling from axiom Systems 410 this a call regarding the keys which has been escalated the reference number 551818229. Since it's in the office. So if you don't have it, but I'll be sending out a pool being mailed you replied to convenient time. As for the state and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing not complex. Have a great day. Bye bye.

Yes "Axiom Systems Employee 410", please email me a "pool" at your own convenience and I'm sure that will definitely help resolve my "Keys". 

ps: For those interested, my McAfee "keys" or case has now been escalated to the "Research Team" after I lost it today talking to the 7th or 8th support technician from the "Tiers 2" escalation team who again called having not even the slightest idea of what the "keys" is all about.

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