Friday, September 10, 2010

Jones Backs Down… Bummer!!

Apparently the Florida religious crank, Pastor Terry Jones, caved in to the International uproar and decided to back down. Bummer, that would have made for an interesting show. I mean seriously, this latest episode of the stupid saga makes me even more pissed off.

  1. First AFP, Fox News, and other news outlets decided to exercise self-censorship in their coverage of the planned book burning event. Those same outlets that cover every single moronic rant by any unheard of insignificant Muslim extremist are now sensitive towards Islam! I mean seriously!?
  2. US Politicos clueless as always argued that the book burning event jeopardizes their occupation troops abroad. As if a ridiculous book burning event is going to cause more uproar against the US than its occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, its destruction of the fabric of those societies, its funding of  religious wars on their lands, its plundering of their resources, and its systematic destruction and global impoverishment of their people.
  3. Muslims, as expected, are still wallowing in their insecurities, helplessness, and overall irrelevancy. It pisses me off that the only things that seem to wake them out of their slumber are stupid idiotic acts committed by irrelevant attention-seeking dimwits. Cartoons and book burning events are worthy causes that enrage the Muslim masses while the systematic eradication of Palestinians is only worthy of a few rhetorical rants. It’s about time you re-looked at your priorities peoples.

But the question nobody’s asking is what is this really about? Why did the independent news outlets – or the tools of imperialism whichever way you see it - decide to self-censor? Why did the whole US Political class – that has been spewing anti-Islamic verbiage for a few months now – suddenly backtracked and condemned the planned event in unison? Is this about respecting Islamic sensitivities? Is this about protecting occupation forces?

In my opinion the only thing at risk here is the untenable position of the US client states. The subservient rulers of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Turkey, Iraq, Oman, UAE, Yemen, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc…would have found themselves in quite a predicament had the event been carried out. This is not a caricature by an unknown Danish artist this is a sacrilegious act committed in the heart of the US by one of its homegrown bible fanatics. The initial uproar directed at the US would have quickly turned against their local tools; and endangering the status quo is a risk the US is not willing to take. Hence the heavy handed approach in quelling Terry Jones and denying him any further coverage. My take is that this is the last we will hear of this famous for a day religious kook and his ‘Islam is of the devil’ slogan.

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