Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Sleight of Logic…

Safwat El-Sharif – the Secretary General of Egypt’s ruling NDP [National Democratic Party(sic)] – echoed Biden’s wisdom in an article posted on the regime’s mouthpiece Al-Ahram. The article is no longer accessible but a cashed version can be found here.

El-Sherif in a rather laughable sleight of logic asserted that what is currently happening in Egypt was inspired not by the Tunisian revolt but by the climate of democracy and press freedoms that have swept the country in recent years. Changes that are the result of the ever insightful leadership of none other than the non-dictator – as Biden would like us to believe – Husni Mubarak:

"President Mubarak decided to adopt this way a long time ago and not to be like despotic regimes which impose a strict ban on any forms of democracy."

And, to confirm his point, Egypt is now under total communications blackout with the internet and mobile communications completely shut down that even his regime’s mouthpiece is no longer able to convey his words of wisdom.

But fear not, Al-Ahram assures us, President Mubarak is set to open Cairo’s Book Fair on Saturday.

We shall see…

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